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Invited article for Garg Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award Symposium in Print issue.

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Abstract Image
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Graphical abstract: Towards pi-extended cycloparaphenylenes as seeds for CNT growth: investigating strain relieving ring-openings and rearrangements
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Invited Article for the New Talent themed collection.
Selected for 2016 Hot Articles in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry themed collection.

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Featured in ACS Cent. Sci.: First Reaction (October 2015).
Highlighted in Around the O.
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Invited Publication in "Challenges in Aromaticity: 150 Years after Kekule's Benzene" Themed Issue.

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Highlighted on Prof. Andrei Yudin's amphoteros blog.
Featured in Nature Chemistry News & Views (April 2014) .

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Highlighted in the Chemical Science Physical Chemistry Themed Collection.
Featured in RSC Blogs.

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Invited Synopsis article.

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Highlighted in Steven Bachrach's Computational Organic Chemistry.

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Highlighted in C&E News (July 18, 2012): "Nanohoops Scaled up 100-fold."
Highlighted in Synfacts: "Cycloparaphenylenes by the Gram."
Top ten most accessed articles in July 2012.

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Synpacts featured article.

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Highlighted in Synfacts: "Synthesis of the Smallest Nanohoop."

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Highlighted in Synfacts: "The Smaller the Redder."

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Featured on the cover of the journal.
Invited Frontier Article.



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Featured in C & E News: "Nanotube Building Block Created."

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